Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Vikings Rule! Cowboys Drool!

We know, we know, wait 'til next week. We're just enjoying the moment. It's not easy being Vikings fans, but for now we think they're great!

I Should Have Known...

this would happen sooner or later. Jared's mom always says what a climber Jared was when he was little. Guess we got the right kid! What you're about to see happened only 2 hours after Greyson was caught climbing from the barstool onto the counter.

Yesterday about 5 p.m.:
Macy: "Mommy, Gweyson's up there!"
Me: What?
I walk to the bathroom and this is what I see...

Side note: Yes, we have a step stool in the bathroom intended solely for the pupose of allowing Macy to be able to wash her own hands. I guess Greyson's intentions are different. Oh brother!