Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

Here's Daddy and us on his second Father's Day. Well, if we count Frazier, it would be his 7th;) What did we do for the special occasion you may ask? Well, we let Daddy sleep in until 9 (with only a few minor interruptions), gave Daddy a story board of pictures of himself and us, Macy took Daddy to the park, the whole family went to Gibson's 2nd birthday party, we let Daddy take a 2 1/2 hour nap, and Cassandra and Garrett came over to play. Relaxing day for Daddy? We'd say so.

Macy, Frazier with no head, Jared, Greyson

Gibson loving every moment of us singing "Happy Birthday" to him. In fact, he asked for us to sing again!

Gibson, Greyson, Brecken
(in back) Emerson and Macy

Big boy, Gibby!

Block Party!!!

Last weekend our street had a block party. It was a blast. Our neighbors who planned it even had a fire truck come for the kids. Macy loved it! She would have sat in the truck for an hour! Pics from the party........

Macy had so much fun on her friend (see above pic) Kelsey's pink Power Wheel. Yes, Macy, I heard Daddy say, "Maybe for your birthday."

Golf, anyone?

If you know my husband, you'd know that golf is one of his greatest passions. His love for golf started at a young age when his grandpa first introduced him to the game. If you know my husband, you'd know that every summer after graduating college he would get in almost 80 rounds of golf between the months of May and October. That is........until........ we (Jared) accepted a new job (June 2007), had a baby (2007), lived separately (due to the new job) in different parts of the state (June 2007-June 2008), found out we were expecting AGAIN (February 2008), finally moved back together (June 2008), (Lindsey) started a new job (August 2008), had baby #2 (October 2008). This would explain Jared's 4 rounds of golf this summer. Seems about right, huh?
June 13th was the annual Immune Deficiency Golf Outing. Our niece, Cassandra, has an immune deficiency. She recieves infusions of antibodies (from donated plasma) twice weekly. She is, I suppose we'd call her, the "poster child" for the Plasma Centers in the area. Without plasma donations from healthy people, Cassandra would not be able to lead a normal life, let alone, live. She is so thankful for those who give up their time to go donate. Every year at this golf outing, she gives a little speech. Here's a picture of our tough girl;)
And, yes, J got to golf. I'm not telling any scores, though!!

Miss Cassandra

Grandma Marla and Macy~"M" was exhausted after being outside all day.

Greyson and Grandpa Jerry

Cory M., Macy, and Jared

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Good-bye, Uncle Jerry, for now...

Macy and Great Uncle Jerry
Christmas 2008

Lindsey, Macy (5 weeks) and Jerry

Macy and Great Uncle Jerry

On June 1st, my uncle Jerry left this world and entered the kingdom of our heavenly Father. He had been bound to a wheelchair for many years with unexplained deterioration of his nerve endings causing numbness in his feet and legs which led to his inability to ever walk again. He battled time and time again, infections, including pneumonia. He was tired.

A few memories of my uncle Jerry:

During summer vacation when I was young, both my cousin Danielle and I would go over to Grandma's. Grandma's house was across the street from my uncle Jerry's vet clinic. Before his days of using a wheelchair, Jerry was a great bovine podiatrist. In many areas, he was known as being the "best" when it came to this. Danielle and I couldn't have been much older than 7 and 8 and he would put us in charge of running "the table." This meant that when the cow/bull was lead up to the table and strapped on, our job was to pull the lever that tilted the table back so the cow/bull would be laying on her/his side to make their hooves easy to access. Our next job was to scoop "you know what" off the table if the need presented itself:)

Shortly after graduating from college, I was complaining about how I didn't know how to cut up a chicken. Jerry explained to me that there was a certain way of doing it. Try to tell me something like this and I won't get it. I mean, c'mon, this takes expertise. However, show me, and I will certainly understand. And "show me" is what he did. He made a video tape of himself cutting up a chicken, made two copies of it, and gave one to me and the other to Danielle. Although I still don't find myself cutting up too many chickens, that video just became one of the most dearest to my heart.

Okay, one more. Back to the days when Danielle and I went to Grandma's. Daily Grandma would cook lunch for Jerry (her son) and when we were there, for us as well. This particular day one of the items to be eaten was a fresh tomato. Danielle was never a fan of tomatoes, but in OUR family, everyone needs to "try it." Jerry was a huge gardener and I'm sure these tomatoes had come from the garden. I've failed to mention that Jerry is Danielle's grandpa (just wanted to clarify before I finished the rest of the story). Yes, my grandma and grandpa spaced out their children. Enough said;) Okay, so tomatoes. Grandma had beautifully, sliced tomatoes on the table. Danielle and I were asked if we wanted a tomato. I, most certainly, said yes. Back in those days, I would have never refused any food hence my stage of chubbiness;) I'm guessing you know what Danielle's response was. Well, it didn't matter. Jerry informed her that she was to eat it. Again, her response was "no." If you don't know my uncle Jerry, he was a big man. At that point I wanted to say, "Danielle, just eat it. Plug your nose, chew it and swallow." I remained silent. "You either eat the tomato or I'll make you eat it." Seriously, Danielle, do the above mentioned! Nope. Let's just say, in a matter of seconds she was being fed the beautiful tomato, savoring each bite. Is that how it was, Danielle? I thought you're supposed to eat with your mouth, not your ears;) Does Danielle like tomatoes today? I'll let you decide? Ketchup?... Maybe....

I feel very lucky to have been able to spend as much time as I did with my uncle when I was young. Although he was a big man and to many would have seemed a little intimidating, he was such a big teddy bear. I learned much from him--to love animals, importance of family unity, and most of all, eat your tomatoes! How lucky we are that our memories will never leave us.

Uncle Jerry, today would have been your 69th birthday. I know you are being thrown a party that no one on earth could top. You are already so missed, but we are happy that you are walking with Jesus--no cane, no wheelchair. We take comfort knowing that our farewell to you on June 1st is only temporary and that one day we will see you again. Until that time, we will keep memories of you in our hearts. We love you, and for now, goodbye.............

Little Bit of Random........

Hot Shot!

Can you see my teeth?

Daddy's girl


Day at the Zoo!

Okay, so I know it's been a while since my last post. It's been a little hectic around here. On a happy note I finished up school on June 3rd, and on a sad note, my uncle passed away (post to come later). A couple weekends ago we went to the zoo with our friends Emily, Macy, and Austin Mart. Our Macy absolutely loved her first trip to the zoo. We saw many animals and rode on the train. I must say M's favorites, in no particular order, were: the giraffes, fish, black swans, monkeys, and other birds. We finished out our fun day with lunch at Okoboji Grill. Thanks, Emily, for asking us to come to the zoo with you and your munchkins:)
Macy and Macy (Which one is which?)

Grey boy

M on the train