Monday, July 27, 2009

We're up and running........

as far as having a computer goes. No, Grey is not up and running, yet. We've been without a computer for far too long. Oh, the torture. Sad to say, but I think some of us are addicted. Ahem. I found myself getting a little perturbed at times not having my so desired Internet. So, what have we been up to you ask? Well, let's see. During the past month, I traveled back home with just the kids and spent a few days at my parent's place, I've hosted family (about 20 people) for a weekend, had my two little cousins (Madi and Olivia) come spend a week with us, gotten Macy's "big girl" room painted (thanks to G and G Colegrove), transitioned M to her "big girl" bed, taken Greyson to the doctor for his first ear infection, taken Greyson to the doctor again to get a stronger antibiotic, taken Macy to the doctor for her first ear infection since having had tubes put in last November, traveled to Jared's parent's place to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary (Woo Hoo!), taken both kids back to the doctor to have their ears looked at because they didn't seem much better, scheduled a consultation with M's ENT doctor to hopefully schedule an adenoidectomy before school starts back up for me. Busy? Maybe just a little. And, we still plan to take a little family trip to the Omaha Zoo, go boating with some friends from the Cities, and have a birthday bash for our almost 2 year old!

40 Years!

Grey and Dad


Great Grandma and Grey