Saturday, February 28, 2009

On the Mend

Well, we think M is finally starting to feel better. I was home with her again yesterday due to her 102 fever. Poor thing! I took her back to the doctor and "it's a virus" is what she told us. Frustrating that there is nothing we can do for her. The doctor also told us that M's tonsils were impressive which wouldn't be a compliment. Anyways, here's some pics from this weeknd. Macy and Daddy goofing around. M is never stingy with her kisses!
I bought Macy this ISU hat today (It was on sale at HyVee. Go figure.) She has something with hats. Many times we cannot get her to take them off. FYI: Gushers will stain your face.

Our boy, Grey, was 4 months yesterday. So hard to believe! Where did my nb go? He's such a happy boy.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I'm home again with little Miss M. She normally is not a very good nap taker for me but today has been sleeping for over two hours. I keep checking on her to make sure she's okay. I'm taking advantage of this time and playing around with my blog. Here's some recent snapshots of the kids. Oh..and Grandma and Grandpa Nerem as well.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wasn't kidding!

When I said I would update this blog maybe once a month, I guess I meant it:) You may be wondering why I'm updating at 1:35 in the afternoon on a weekday. That would be because I'm at home with a sick child. Yep! Got the phone call around 11:30 this morning that Macy had a 102 degree fever. We'll be going to the doctor later today. At this moment Macy is upstairs sleeping while Greyson is sitting in his bouncy seat fussing when I look away from him and smiling as soon as I turn my head and look back at him. He's got the game figured out. Poor Macy, you could tell she just didn't have that sparkle in her eye when I picked her up. She needs to feel better. We've been fighting this cold since the beginning of January. Hurry up Spring!

I can't deny the fact that I'm enjoying being home this afternoon with my kids, but I also can't deny the fact that I feel so guilty leaving work. That's just wrong! A person shouldn't have to feel guilty leaving their work to take care of a sick child, right? Why do I feel that way?